A nice dinner with a new friend of mine

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So, I took a nap in the afternoon and woke up desperately seeing it was raining heavily outside. The temperature had decreased to 13 degree Celsius for the autumn’s already come. Sometimes the weather is nice in here, but most of the time it’s depressing and discouraging people to go out, having some fun.

Amazingly home made blue berry smoothie

And I knew I had to go to a new friend’s place for dinner tonight. I also promised to make a  dessert. With all my determination, I got out of the bed, crawling to the kitchen where there were apples, plums, and instant pieces of dough waiting to be baked. Well, it’s just 30 minutes for the whole process, I said to myself. I made it, not so good as usual, but I had no other choices. I packed the cake with the hope that people would like it. I was not confident, though.

Sliced cucumber & cherry tomatoes

Without a monthly bus card for students, I chose to walk, again, as usual, but today it was raining I knew that. It often takes the bus 5 minutes to go to her place, but for me it was over 30 minutes of myself struggling with raindrops and cold winds slapping in the face. Finally, I reached the place.

Chili garlic vinegar (garlic turns green when put into vinegar)

It is a new resident area, newer than mine I should say. I took the lift to the fourth floor and my friend opened the door for me with a big welcome smile. The house was so warm of course (compared to what the outside had offered) and a nice place to live certainly. It has a big living room, a French Balcony, big bathroom with a SAUNA inside, and a big lovely kitchen :).

Another beautiful Chili garlic vinegar

It is understandable. She has been living here for 5 years and working permanently. She told me life will get better and more enjoyable when you are settled down. Ya, I hope so too. I have just finished my studies and been thinking of what to do, where to go for the next stage of my life.

Grilled potatoes

Anyways, we sat around the table and talked about life, people, country,… all the topics that came to our mind as we are new to each other. At the same time, she prepared a special dinner for us (me and other friends). It was not a traditional Vietnamese meal, rather more a Western one with fish and potatoes. It was a great dinner as she is an excellent cook.

Grilled Salmon with pepper

My delicious meal 

I was so surprised that I could enjoy the food, the people, and our conversations that much. In sum, I would say it is really worth going out or doing something on rainy weekend like this rather than being depressed at home.

Apple & Plum Puff Pastry

My disastrous apple tart

I smiled and went home when it stopped raining. Fresh air, the wind, the silence of the night, the sound of autumn leaves falling… all had made my day!!!


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