Blogging again

It´s been a while since I haven´t written anything on this blog. Life just simply goes on and I have so many new things to do. I came back to Finland in July and packed my stuff in Espoo to move to Helsinki in September. So three years have gone, I am now in my fourth year in Finland. I just can´t imagine the speed of change happening in my life.


(Another Autumn in Finland – Sept 2013)

I started my master´s studies in the land of snow and cold Finland back in Autumn 2010. Finland did not disappoint me right from the beginning. It did snow in October that year and the coldest day for me was on the Christmas – white Christmas of my dream could not move fast enough to catch the bus passing by. A year later I saw myself getting lost in streets of Dongdeamun, Myengdong or Hondae in Seoul, South Korea, pretending I was one of the characters in many Korean dramas (pathetic wasn´t it). Oh I forgot to tell, before Seoul, I spent one month homeless in Copenhagen of the fairy land Denmark (it was really once- in- a- lifetime experience you may like to encounter someday). Then, I got back to Vietnam in Autumn 2012 after completing my studies.

A year break was wonderful since I got closer to people in my family. Our family used to always have people living somewhere outside Vietnam from the day I got into the fifth grade. We also welcomed a new member of my family – my little lovely niece Mina (she´s so cute I could die – lyrics from Three Bears song). To be honest, while I was pampered by my family, I had to prepare an application for a PhD programme. I also taught English to children, my cousins, and some friends during that time. I confess both entailed time and efforts. It was so much easier to teach students in an English centre than at home. But I actually learnt a lot, especially about starting something my own. It is a long long story I will probably tell you later on when I have time.

One big news I wanna tell is I´ve got married to a caring man who was the first person I met in Finland three years ago. It was amazing that we could be together after all (we studied in different cities in Finland and I used to travel to different places within 3 years). I think God has a plan for us and we just need to follow. Now, I am expecting a baby – I can´t tell how happy and grateful I am for what I have in my life. My life has never been easy, but it is worthwhile and I can celebrate that.

Anyway, it seems like if I continue, I could write a book about what has happened within three special and strange years of my life. So I´d better stop here and come back to them later. But I will try to write different stuff every week – it could be life in Finland, my PhD studies, or whatever comes to my mind at the time. Let´s see how far I can take this blog with me. I hope something fruitful could come out at the end.

Have a great Sunday!!!  


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